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About Me

I am an astrobiologist and educational innovator. I currently work at Arizona State University at the Center for Education Through eXploration. My work over the past eight years has focused on building and researching the effectiveness of Habitable Worlds, a unique digitally native online astrobiology lab course.

My current work involves applying the principles of Habitable Worlds to new projects, including a political sciences diplomacy course and offline immersive science environments for use in underpriviledged regions. I am also continuing to research Habitable Worlds to understand how and why it works for the people who succeed and how to improve it through improved adaptability for those who don't.

I have a unique background of hard science training (geosciences), almost two decades of teaching experience, considerable programming experience, and have traveled extensively both domestically and internationally. As a result, my pedagogies are focused on the process of science, the concepts and models that emerge from global and local observation, and how science interfaces with human communities.

Explore around for more details on my various projects and links to demos and papers.

(updated 18 October 2018)
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